Original Smalls

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Each Original small is created on wood panels: a plant-based glue is used to adhere handmade and up-cycled papers to the wood surface. Jennifer draws with Charcoal to sketch out her subjects, images from the ancient past. She adds washes of color followed by textures of natural Earth paints with a palette knife. Some paintings have gold-leaf added as well as ancient signs and pictographs from early languages.

“Playful Soul of Self, the Horse Within” 12×16″ $450 with gold leaf
“From Ancient Days: Ancestral Reindeer” 8×8″ $165
“Passing Over” 12×16″ $450 with gold leaf SOLD
“Rise: Stories Carried by Bear” 6×6″ $95
“Ancient Fish in Water” 4×12″ $145
“Living the Playful Spirit of Horse” 9×12″ $275 with gold leaf
“Sacred Ram of Strength and Courage” 18×18″ $950 with gold leaf
“Ancestral Goat” 5×5″ $85
“Ancestral Ways: Sacred Spirits” 12×24″ $750
“Ancient Signs: Stories Carried by Bear” 12×24″ with gold leaf Available at Hat Ranch Gallery, Santa Fe, NM

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