Awards & Recognition

Wild & Scenic 2021

Juried Works: Guardians of Resilience
Award Winner: Judge’s Award
Submission Category: Two-Dimensional

Commissioned Works

Nisenan Heritage Days

Mountain Lion “Pekun”


The bear carries the stories of the people. From the dancing of the gray pines to the gold of the poppies and raven bringing messages to families are the symbols embedded into this painting.

Nisenan Heritage Days

Bear “Kapa”


Featured Artist Exhibition

Nevada City Winery

Featured Exhibition in July 2019

Upcoming Exhibition

June 2021

Nevada City Winery’s featured Artist for the third time.

Raves & Reviews

Artist of the Month

January 2019

Deep gratitude to Jennifer Rugge for an amazingly wonderful mineral painting and gold leaf workshop yesterday!!  This piece is still in progress, but I absolutely loved making the mineral based paints/applying gold leaf….. and playing with them in that vast domain of creativity.  I have never considered myself a visual artist, but am having so much fun letting go into the world artists inhabit all the time.  How blessed I am!

Gaye Abbott, Goldleaf Workshop attendee

Jen, It was so fun. I’m going out today to get a few supplies.

Lorena, Mineral Painting Workshop attendee

Thanks again Jennifer! Had so much fun.
Wow, you’re right about the seasons, how interesting. I showed my grandkids, I thought they would laugh but they really liked it, hmm who would of thought. I can do art!
Thank you!!!

Sarah, Mineral Painting Workshop attendee
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