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Deep gratitude to Jennifer Rugge for an amazingly wonderful mineral painting and gold leaf workshop yesterday!!  This piece is still in progress, but I absolutely loved making the mineral based paints/applying gold leaf….. and playing with them in that vast domain of creativity.  I have never considered myself a visual artist, but am having so much fun letting go into the world artists inhabit all the time.  How blessed I am!

Gaye Abbott, Goldleaf Workshop attendee

Jen, It was so fun. I’m going out today to get a few supplies.

Lorena, Mineral Painting Workshop attendee

Thanks again Jennifer! Had so much fun.
Wow, you’re right about the seasons, how interesting. I showed my grandkids, I thought they would laugh but they really liked it, hmm who would of thought. I can do art!
Thank you!!!

Sarah, Mineral Painting Workshop attendee
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