Upcoming Events

September 2019
Two Workshops in Santa Fe, NM

Explore the painting methods of the Ancients and the illuminating effects of metal leaf! Enjoy a day or two to experience the techniques of mixing natural minerals into paints and the application of metal leaf onto wood panels in these unique workshops.

 Gold Leaf & Mineral Pigment Painting


Register for Mineral Pigment Painting: Sept. 26th

Register for Gold Leaf Application: Sept. 27th


Reclaiming Our Ancestral Roots

Reclaiming Our Ancestral Roots

It began with the early Italian fresco painters and designers. The preparations of minerals into paints, writing in the illuminated style, and gold leaf applications that were used to capture the customs, symbols, and stories of the times opened my sense of self to another dimension of spiritual perspectives in life.  The questions kept coming as well as the curiosity to search beyond the surfaces of painted figures in a landscape.  

As a lifelong artist and with my deep interest in historical roots, my digging into the ancient past has led me on an intriguing journey to want to know more. 

This path has shown me alternative ways to understanding our original roots through my own ancestral DNA trail, the study of Cave Art and artifacts, and the early knowledge of language expressed in signs and pictographs.  These are the structures that influence my art along with the inspirations observed in Nature and the land. It gives me a fuller awareness of respect to our environment and the effort to create a non-toxic studio and artworks.  To travel this road is “Reclaiming Our Ancestral Roots” in order to discover and/or uncover the origins beyond recent ancestry charts to those far before and during the cave painters. Here we find common ground.

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