Featured:Nevada County Arts Council

January Artist of the Month
Jennifer Rugge, Artists of Nevada County

We mostly see Jennifer in supportive roles, cheering on fellow artists, quietly shouting jen mixingout a cause, always in service to her community.

Still waters run deep, though, and a glimpse into her working life as an artist shows a serious, driven commitment to her work, and a passion for color and technique. 

We asked Jennifer a few questions.

Tell us about your art form and medium, Jennifer.

I use oils on 2D wood surfaces. I collect natural minerals, grinding and mixing them with oil and cold wax then paint onto the canvas covered with different papers and textures. Using pallet knives, brushes, and charcoal pencils I draw and paint.

At what age did your love for your medium manifest, and how old were you when you realized you had a talent?

I loved drawing and creating when I was a very young. I spent hours drawing and mixing mineralscoloring the things I saw around me, from flowers, pets and trees to the ocean and its contents along the shores. When I was in first grade I was recognized for my talent as one of my paintings was hung in a prestigious museum of art. Along with this, my mother encouraged me to do more art creating a portrait of our cat and commissioning me to create a piece for our home. The recognition I received was a catalyst to pursue becoming an artist. 

What is your creative process?

My creative process begins with inspiration. This comes from different things and in artist at workvarious ways. I step back, rather, I have learned to be quiet and listen from what comes from the heart. I love feeling conscious of just being. What then flows from this presence directs my approach and connection to my art.

What is the art project or piece you are most proud of?

The art piece that I am most proud of is whichever one I am working with in a given moment. There is always something new or intriguing about it that I enjoy experiencing and discovering. READ MORE…


FULL ARTICLE on Nevada County Arts Council

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