HerStory Exhibition

This month, I received the honor of being invited into the Manhattan Arts International Exhibition “HerStory” –

An Exhibition of Art by Women
December 30, 2020 – March 2, 2021

“Thank You and Congratulations!  Your art has been selected for the Manhattan Arts International ‘HerStory’ 2020-2021 — the best online exhibition and an important milestone for women artists!”

How exciting to open this email on December 31, 2020, after a year where many have felt sadness, anxiety or impact stemming from Covid 19.  For me, it was a sign of greater things to come, the willingness to embrace the new, share inspirations and indulge in creativity.  

This exhibition promotes 90 women artists from around the world.  To be accepted to show art in “HerStory” is an honor.  The honor lies in that each artwork is chosen for the unique quality of its message and expression.  Renee Phillips, the director and curator of Manhattan Arts International, has created a wonderful platform to share and promote these artists. 

The mysteries surrounding these life expressions evolve from the “my-Story” into “HerStory “ by these celebrated women artists. 

Visit this exhibition at: https://manhattanarts.com/herstory-exhibition-2020-2021-page-2/

My art piece is on the second page, the 9th artist as you scroll down the page.  But be sure to look over and take in all the participating artists.  See what speaks to you.

Lastly, here is a video of creating the piece, The Humble Flute Player with Joy and Grace, that is featured in the HerStory exhibit.

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