Great Two Weeks!

I have been diligently at work in the Education Gallery at Blue Line Arts the past two weeks. Saturday and Sunday, March 25 & 26, I spent teaching a workshop in mixing natural minerals into paints with ten lovely women eager to push their boundaries in Art and seek eco-friendly processes to create. We had a delightful group and inspiring results, each participant taking home jars of handmade paints and works of Art.

This last week, March 28 – 30, will be focused on a second workshop in ceramics beginning Tuesday at 11 am to 5 pm. It runs for three days, including Wednesday and Thursday, again, 11 am – 5 pm. Participants will go through guided steps to create Artisan Stone Bowls and the processes to mixing raw clay slips into paints to cover surfaces. All will be introduced to the pit-fire process as well. There are a couple spots still open and sign-ups are taken online at Blue Line Arts’ website.

Here is a link to YouTube: An interview on “Good Day Sacramento” with Jason Segundo.

Interview with Jason Segundo. Learn to mix raw earth minerals and clay slips. onto ceramics.

Included below is the Artist in Residence Talk at Blue Line Arts.

Please let me know any interest in doing a workshop for your group or organization to learn more about making your own earth paints and eco-friendly practices… made easier then you may think!

Aboriginal Art: Kakadu National Park, Australia

Ochres on a hike.

Enjoy! Enjoy! Enjoy!

Wild and Scenic, then Blue Line Arts!!!

This year for the Wild and Scenic Film Festival – Art Exhibitions, two of my paintings will be on display at the Communal Cafe on 233 Broad Street, and three of my sculptures will be at the Seven Stars Gallery at 210 Spring Street, both in Nevada City, CA. The theme of the exhibition, which my works reflect, is “CommUnity.” There will be an Artists’ Reception at the Seven Stars Gallery on Thursday, February 16, 2023 from 5 PM-6:30 PM . In addition, fireside chats will be held at the Communal Cafe Friday evening February 17, at the Seven Stars Gallery Saturday February 18 at 3 PM, at the Lucchesi Winery Sunday February 19 at 3 PM, and at the Communal Cafe Monday morning February 20. All are welcome to join the festivities.

Whispers Over the Land: Here We Are – 36×48″ earth paints with gold leaf

Voices Across the Wilderness, the Lost Sheep of the Dine’ – 24×48″ earth paints with silver leaf

March is a Busy-Fun month! I am happy to announce that I am the recipient for the Susan Cooley Gilliom Residence and Teaching Program sponsored by the Placer Community Foundation and hosted at Blue Line Arts Gallery in Roseville, CA. This is a wonderful opportunity for me to share and teach my earth friendly Art processes and techniques. I will be in residence for three full weeks at the gallery from March 10 through March 31, giving talks, two workshops and also working daily in the Education Gallery/Studio. There will be an Opening Reception on March 18, 4-8 PM, where I will give a talk and tour of my Art works. The first workshop, on mineral painting, will be held March 25 & 26, while the second workshop, covering the use of raw clay slips and mineral paints on clay, will be held March 28, 29 & 30. There are more details to come soon. What an exciting time! Please come join me during March.

For more information contact Blue Line Arts: 405 Vernon Street, Suite #100, Roseville, CA 9567; (916) 783-4117

Bischoff/Rugge Visual Art Slam

Join us for a dual-gallery artist talk, beginning at The Center for the Arts on Main St. in Grass Valley with Jude Bischoff to discuss his show “Wet & Wild” and ending at Nevada City Winery on Spring St. with Jennifer Rugge to discuss her show “Whispers Across the Land”. Both of these artists base their work in nature with entirely different results. Each artist will lead guests through their respective exhibitions to explore the inspirations and processes behind the creation of their work. Both venues will have the bars open with light snacks provided. Don’t miss this unique opportunity to ask the artists questions and become inspired! FREE! Friday, January 13, 2023 beginning at 5 pm at the Center for the Arts with Jude Bischoff, then traveling to Nevada City Winery with Jennifer Rugge Talk to start at 6:30. Enjoy an evening of Art and their stories.

Hear Jude and Jennifer on KVMR Radio 9:30 am Thursday, January 12.

Whispers Across the Land

Art Exhibition at Nevada City Winery, Art Gallery

November through January 15, Solo Art Exhibition: Opening Reception December 9, 5:30 – 7:30 pm.

Talk: January 13, 5:30 pm, in Art Gallery

Whispers…sometimes silent, sometimes bold.  I Am an Earth Artist and my Art comes from listening for these whispers.  Nature is their voice.  When I collect and prepare minerals from the earth to make paints or clay slips, I want to listen and to feel what is spoken.  The ochres bring life, messages, and inspirations to my Art.  Whether in clay or across a canvas, figures of ancient animals emerge along with signs and symbols of early languages.  The ochres refine and define the whispers from the Ancestral winds of the earth, a past that belongs to us and one that speaks to us.  We are the earth keepers and the earth drivers. 

Whispers are the deeper meanings and mysteries of the Ancients which appear in the images to describe what has been, but also what can be.  As a lifelong artist and my relentless interest in historical roots, digging into the ancient past and early languages, all have led me on an intriguing journey to uncover forgotten times, stories and paths.  These mysteries reveal clear intelligence and spiritual practices through their art and signs; these are the components that emerge in my Art. 

Prospector Magazine: Union Newspaper November 30, 2022

Wind Crossing, 48 x 48″ Natural mineral paints with charcoal and gold leaf on handmade papers over wood.

December 9 – 11: Art Opening Reception at Hat Ranch Gallery

Ravens Magic: Ancestral Passages – 12.5 x 11.5 x 4″d Cone 5 Porcelain, underglazes, Natural ochre paints

Come visit the gallery shows as you are able and closest to do. Art is the essential element we all need whatever that creative aspect may feel to be…to paint, sculpt, perform or sing… Enjoy Art!


OPEN STUDIOS Tour Nevada County West

27th Annual FREE Art Tour 2022

Saturdays and Sundays: October 8, 9 &15, 16

Opening Reception at The Center for the Arts, Main St. Grass Valley, CA. Thursday October 6, 5-7 pm in the Granucci Gallery and where the Exhibition of participating Artists is located: September 16 – October 22, 2022

For more information:

It has been an amazing journey through sharing Art. This Year marks 5 years participating in the Open Studios Tour of West Nevada County in California. Originally focusing only on painting with natural earth paints, eco-friendly products and applications, I now have been able to add a special love to work in clay. It has been challenging at times… yet, I am finding ways to still work in an earth conscious process. I enjoy searching and finding raw clays and ochres to use in my sculptures. One of fourteen Cultural Districts of California, Nevada County offers several diverse artists with their unique approaches to Art in this tour. Guide books are available at studios and at The Center for the Arts.

Deer Ochre

Sometimes ideas come at you and when you act on them amazing things open up.  I was rolling out slabs of clay, then letting them set up while I took some sketched ideas from my notebook to inspect.  But suddenly, I saw something else emerging from the clay… and it pulled at my attention.  Deer Ochre was rising into view.  I worked excitedly yet steadily letting each part wait its turn to be shaped and placed.  Several days later Deer Ochre was in front of me sitting quietly on the work table.  The antlers twisting behind its extended head and the face…yes the slender nose and those curious eyes.  “Red ochre,” spoke. “Place it on the head.”  That’s right, the raw ochre from the earth.  And so, red ochre appeared to set gingerly upon its head while a look of silly contentment slipped onto its face.  Its long legs stretched down its length and more ochre was scattered around the hooves which set upon an edge of flowing grasses and a fluttering blue bird.  “Whispers and roots from Olden Rein” rose curiously swirling about the stone-dried clay.  Ancient words from times gone but are here now. 

Deer Ochre, Whispers and Roots, from Olden Rein

20″x10″x5″ Totem, 2022 $1200

Ceramic: Wire, black oxide and under-glaze, natural ochres

You can view “Deer Ochre, Whispers and Roots, from Olden Rein” at Blue Line Arts Gallery, Roseville CA, in the “Off Center” Ceramic Art work exhibition and on-line.  The show is from July 23 to September 17, 2022.  You are invited to attend the Opening Reception August 20, 4 – 8 pm.

Crocker Art Museum Auction

The Crocker Art Museum in Sacramento CA has been a favorite place to roam. With rooms filled with varieties of Art works, from the ancient to present day, there is something you can find that intrigues, resonates and inspires. I particularly enjoy the ancient pieces. They inspire me and spark curiosity. How were these made? What inspired the artists? Why did they use these particular materials? This year I donated a piece of Art to help raise money for future programs and events, to keep the Crocker Art Museum for everyone to enjoy.

Big Names, Small Art On-line bidding is OPEN now until June 4

Discover small works (12 x12 in. or less) in all media from emerging and established artists. Bidding starts at $25 per piece regardless of fair market value. BNSA ends Saturday, June 4, with one artwork closing every minute starting at 1 PM! Click below to view my donated Art Piece. This is a 9 x 12″ painting with natural mineral paints & gold leaf on handmade papers over wood.

You can view other wonderful artworks at this site and see other up-coming events.

Silent Auction: Now through June 5

Art Auction Preview Party May 26 at 6 pm: Members $20; Non-members $30

Live Auction June 4 at 6 PM in-person at the Crocker (tickets required) email: or call: (916) 808-7843.

Ceramics Conference Sacramento, CA

“Fertile Ground” is the theme presented by the National Council on Education for the Ceramic Arts (NCECA) Conference which takes place March 16-19 2022 in Sacramento. Myself along with 7 other ceramic artists will be exhibiting our works in Roseville, at 316 Vernon St, through Blue Line Arts which is one of the NCECA hosting galleries. A shuttle bus is available during the conference with Blue Line Arts as one of its stops that it serves for the greater Sacramento area.

Sierra Foothills Clay Arts, NCECA Conference March 16-19 2022

Artists represented in this exhibition of the Sierra Foothills Clay Arts are:

Chic Lotz –

Deborah Bridges –

Andrew Sellery –

Amanda Paoletti –

Rene Sprattling –

Claudia Jeffers

Risa Roseman –

Jennifer Rugge –

We live and maintain our studios in Nevada County, in the Sierra foothills. Through the established organization, Artists Studios In the Foothills (ASIF) owned by Amanda Paoletti, we have gathered together to share and exhibit our clay works. We each bring to this group a variety of unique skills, techniques and approaches to clay forms and processes. Enjoy the video. All are welcome to visit the gallery exhibitions.

Dates to Remember:

Saturday, March 5 – Friends and Family Soft Opening 1-5 pm; Art Demonstrations 11-2 pm.

Thursday, March 17 – NCECA Reception at Blue Line Arts and Sierra College Gallery (diagonally across the street from Blue Line, 316 Vernon St.) 5-9 pm.

SFCA Exhibition is up February 19 – May 31 open 9 am – 5 pm, closed Sundays

New Year, New Adventures in Art

Posting has been a challenge.  The day after Christmas we lost power.  My studio stood silent while we worked to clear snow and build fires in the fireplace to keep warm.  Internet has been down as well so I decided to put a blog post together and visit the Library to get access to the internet to post it to my website…already an adventurous opening to the New Year.

With so much snow and rain this winter already, I enjoy the silence and mystery of frozen white-scapes meandering through our woods, and then, setting up quietly to create different pieces of art in my studio.  Less time is spent in the field collecting and making pigments.  But it is a good time to pit-fire outdoors to add color and textures to clay surfaces.  This year there are several opportunities to share my Art and I look forward to seeing what develops in the studio, from clay sculptures to natural pigment paintings. 

January offers the annual Wild and Scenic Film Festival from the 13th to the 17th in Nevada City, California with its celebration of Art interpretations expressing a variety of perspectives on environmental activism. I have entered pieces in two categories, sculpture and painting. 

One of my paintings entitled “Remember: Hope from Our Ancient Ancestral Roots”, received one of the festival’s “Judges Award”.  It is exhibited along with other award-winning artworks at Fable’s Coffee, located at 233 Broad Street, where the artists also will talk about their work on Saturday, January 15, 9:45-10:15 am.  All artists accepted into the Festival are also included on the Wild and Scenic Website in the Artists Pages and Gallery of the Virtual Art Exhibition and is available until January 30.  

             Remember: Hope from Our Ancient Ancestral Roots

Cave painters recorded the animals that surrounded them, and reindeer were a popular and important subject…possibly the hope of more to come and to survive more than a lifetime.

Other accepted Art include:  Bearing Hope, Hope for the Mountain Lion, Of Wild Horses, Stories of Hope Come to Be

February will be a busy time packed with more painting and organizing of sculptures for two major activities in March.

The first is Thursday March 10 when I will be doing an artist talk for the Sun City Artists Group about my art processes and techniques through demonstration and examples.

Then March 16-19 brings the internationally known “National Council on Education for the Ceramic Arts, 2022” (NCECA) conference to Sacramento.  Our local group of artists, Sierra Foothills Clay Arts, will be exhibiting clay sculpture and functional ceramics at 316 Vernon St. in Roseville, across from Blueline Arts who will be organizing, hanging, and handling all sales of our works.

Of Wild Horses:   Red ochre, wire, black iron oxide and pit fired

April is a travel month this year.  We hope to be able to visit family and friends in the east, and check out some art possibilities… ochre stops, artists and galleries.

Enjoy the adventures waiting to be… Let life inspire, lead and find magic all around.


Holiday Events and More

Ancient Reindeer roamed and traveled over grasslands, through forests and across snow covered terrains…keeping watch, following past trails, holding together to find food, water, and best places to shelter. It is amazing and a lesson for us all how these ancient creatures survived throughout time, just like other incredibly adaptable animals, including man. Such resilience, determination and instinct! I am increasingly in awe of a piece of cave art “the Swimming Stags” of Lascaux in France. The reindeer are drawn showing mainly the heads of each as if to be crossing or passing over an area where the whole animal cannot be seen. The colors of the cave walls are subtle shades of light to deep browns to black lines, yet the deer are distinct and appear to be moving with a driven motive to keep going forward. Therefore, several paintings and clay sculptures have emerged from this influential cave art as well as its significance.

Remember: Hope from our Ancestral Roots, 24×48″

Here I brought in the subtle colors tweaked with a bit of turquoise and red ochres. Papers, washes, and palette knife along with charcoal add to the layers over the wood surface creating different textures. With determination and focus the ancient deer “cross over”.

Crossing Over, 24×24″
Spirit of Playful Ancestral Horse, Totem (2 piece) with Crackle slip and yellow ochre, 16×9″ on metal base

Small Works Gallery

New on the website is a “Small Works Gallery” with affordable original Art. Enjoy a stroll through the gallery pieces. See what captures your interest, tells a story and brings attention to a message or a resonance with-in. Find the signs, the subtleties or details. Some have 3-d reliefs. Enjoy!

Holiday Shows at ASIF Gallery, Grass Valley

This year I am participating in a “Small Works” Holiday Show, ASIF Artists’ Studio and Gallery. Both paintings and clay sculptures will be available here from November 13- December 18. All Art works are 12×12″ or smaller. All are welcome to come to the two openings: November 12, 5-7 pm and December 4, 11 am – 4 pm.

Saturday Gift Shopping: Our gallery will be open
EVERY SATURDAY 11am – 4pm starting NOVEMBER 13 – DECEMBER 18