Whispers Across the Land

Art Exhibition at Nevada City Winery, Art Gallery

November through January 15, Solo Art Exhibition: Opening Reception December 9, 5:30 – 7:30 pm.

Talk: January 13, 5:30 pm, in Art Gallery

Whispers…sometimes silent, sometimes bold.  I Am an Earth Artist and my Art comes from listening for these whispers.  Nature is their voice.  When I collect and prepare minerals from the earth to make paints or clay slips, I want to listen and to feel what is spoken.  The ochres bring life, messages, and inspirations to my Art.  Whether in clay or across a canvas, figures of ancient animals emerge along with signs and symbols of early languages.  The ochres refine and define the whispers from the Ancestral winds of the earth, a past that belongs to us and one that speaks to us.  We are the earth keepers and the earth drivers. 

Whispers are the deeper meanings and mysteries of the Ancients which appear in the images to describe what has been, but also what can be.  As a lifelong artist and my relentless interest in historical roots, digging into the ancient past and early languages, all have led me on an intriguing journey to uncover forgotten times, stories and paths.  These mysteries reveal clear intelligence and spiritual practices through their art and signs; these are the components that emerge in my Art. 

Prospector Magazine: Union Newspaper November 30, 2022

Wind Crossing, 48 x 48″ Natural mineral paints with charcoal and gold leaf on handmade papers over wood.

December 9 – 11: Art Opening Reception at Hat Ranch Gallery

Ravens Magic: Ancestral Passages – 12.5 x 11.5 x 4″d Cone 5 Porcelain, underglazes, Natural ochre paints

Come visit the gallery shows as you are able and closest to do. Art is the essential element we all need whatever that creative aspect may feel to be…to paint, sculpt, perform or sing… Enjoy Art!

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