Great Two Weeks!

I have been diligently at work in the Education Gallery at Blue Line Arts the past two weeks. Saturday and Sunday, March 25 & 26, I spent teaching a workshop in mixing natural minerals into paints with ten lovely women eager to push their boundaries in Art and seek eco-friendly processes to create. We had a delightful group and inspiring results, each participant taking home jars of handmade paints and works of Art.

This last week, March 28 – 30, will be focused on a second workshop in ceramics beginning Tuesday at 11 am to 5 pm. It runs for three days, including Wednesday and Thursday, again, 11 am – 5 pm. Participants will go through guided steps to create Artisan Stone Bowls and the processes to mixing raw clay slips into paints to cover surfaces. All will be introduced to the pit-fire process as well. There are a couple spots still open and sign-ups are taken online at Blue Line Arts’ website.

Here is a link to YouTube: An interview on “Good Day Sacramento” with Jason Segundo.

Interview with Jason Segundo. Learn to mix raw earth minerals and clay slips. onto ceramics.

Included below is the Artist in Residence Talk at Blue Line Arts.

Please let me know any interest in doing a workshop for your group or organization to learn more about making your own earth paints and eco-friendly practices… made easier then you may think!

Aboriginal Art: Kakadu National Park, Australia

Ochres on a hike.

Enjoy! Enjoy! Enjoy!