Holiday Events and More

Ancient Reindeer roamed and traveled over grasslands, through forests and across snow covered terrains…keeping watch, following past trails, holding together to find food, water, and best places to shelter. It is amazing and a lesson for us all how these ancient creatures survived throughout time, just like other incredibly adaptable animals, including man. Such resilience, determination and instinct! I am increasingly in awe of a piece of cave art “the Swimming Stags” of Lascaux in France. The reindeer are drawn showing mainly the heads of each as if to be crossing or passing over an area where the whole animal cannot be seen. The colors of the cave walls are subtle shades of light to deep browns to black lines, yet the deer are distinct and appear to be moving with a driven motive to keep going forward. Therefore, several paintings and clay sculptures have emerged from this influential cave art as well as its significance.

Remember: Hope from our Ancestral Roots, 24×48″

Here I brought in the subtle colors tweaked with a bit of turquoise and red ochres. Papers, washes, and palette knife along with charcoal add to the layers over the wood surface creating different textures. With determination and focus the ancient deer “cross over”.

Crossing Over, 24×24″
Spirit of Playful Ancestral Horse, Totem (2 piece) with Crackle slip and yellow ochre, 16×9″ on metal base

Small Works Gallery

New on the website is a “Small Works Gallery” with affordable original Art. Enjoy a stroll through the gallery pieces. See what captures your interest, tells a story and brings attention to a message or a resonance with-in. Find the signs, the subtleties or details. Some have 3-d reliefs. Enjoy!

Holiday Shows at ASIF Gallery, Grass Valley

This year I am participating in a “Small Works” Holiday Show, ASIF Artists’ Studio and Gallery. Both paintings and clay sculptures will be available here from November 13- December 18. All Art works are 12×12″ or smaller. All are welcome to come to the two openings: November 12, 5-7 pm and December 4, 11 am – 4 pm.

Saturday Gift Shopping: Our gallery will be open
EVERY SATURDAY 11am – 4pm starting NOVEMBER 13 – DECEMBER 18

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