New Year, New Adventures in Art

Posting has been a challenge.  The day after Christmas we lost power.  My studio stood silent while we worked to clear snow and build fires in the fireplace to keep warm.  Internet has been down as well so I decided to put a blog post together and visit the Library to get access to the internet to post it to my website…already an adventurous opening to the New Year.

With so much snow and rain this winter already, I enjoy the silence and mystery of frozen white-scapes meandering through our woods, and then, setting up quietly to create different pieces of art in my studio.  Less time is spent in the field collecting and making pigments.  But it is a good time to pit-fire outdoors to add color and textures to clay surfaces.  This year there are several opportunities to share my Art and I look forward to seeing what develops in the studio, from clay sculptures to natural pigment paintings. 

January offers the annual Wild and Scenic Film Festival from the 13th to the 17th in Nevada City, California with its celebration of Art interpretations expressing a variety of perspectives on environmental activism. I have entered pieces in two categories, sculpture and painting. 

One of my paintings entitled “Remember: Hope from Our Ancient Ancestral Roots”, received one of the festival’s “Judges Award”.  It is exhibited along with other award-winning artworks at Fable’s Coffee, located at 233 Broad Street, where the artists also will talk about their work on Saturday, January 15, 9:45-10:15 am.  All artists accepted into the Festival are also included on the Wild and Scenic Website in the Artists Pages and Gallery of the Virtual Art Exhibition and is available until January 30.  

             Remember: Hope from Our Ancient Ancestral Roots

Cave painters recorded the animals that surrounded them, and reindeer were a popular and important subject…possibly the hope of more to come and to survive more than a lifetime.

Other accepted Art include:  Bearing Hope, Hope for the Mountain Lion, Of Wild Horses, Stories of Hope Come to Be

February will be a busy time packed with more painting and organizing of sculptures for two major activities in March.

The first is Thursday March 10 when I will be doing an artist talk for the Sun City Artists Group about my art processes and techniques through demonstration and examples.

Then March 16-19 brings the internationally known “National Council on Education for the Ceramic Arts, 2022” (NCECA) conference to Sacramento.  Our local group of artists, Sierra Foothills Clay Arts, will be exhibiting clay sculpture and functional ceramics at 316 Vernon St. in Roseville, across from Blueline Arts who will be organizing, hanging, and handling all sales of our works.

Of Wild Horses:   Red ochre, wire, black iron oxide and pit fired

April is a travel month this year.  We hope to be able to visit family and friends in the east, and check out some art possibilities… ochre stops, artists and galleries.

Enjoy the adventures waiting to be… Let life inspire, lead and find magic all around.


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