Crocker Art Museum Auction

The Crocker Art Museum in Sacramento CA has been a favorite place to roam. With rooms filled with varieties of Art works, from the ancient to present day, there is something you can find that intrigues, resonates and inspires. I particularly enjoy the ancient pieces. They inspire me and spark curiosity. How were these made? What inspired the artists? Why did they use these particular materials? This year I donated a piece of Art to help raise money for future programs and events, to keep the Crocker Art Museum for everyone to enjoy.

Big Names, Small Art On-line bidding is OPEN now until June 4

Discover small works (12 x12 in. or less) in all media from emerging and established artists. Bidding starts at $25 per piece regardless of fair market value. BNSA ends Saturday, June 4, with one artwork closing every minute starting at 1 PM! Click below to view my donated Art Piece. This is a 9 x 12″ painting with natural mineral paints & gold leaf on handmade papers over wood.

You can view other wonderful artworks at this site and see other up-coming events.

Silent Auction: Now through June 5

Art Auction Preview Party May 26 at 6 pm: Members $20; Non-members $30

Live Auction June 4 at 6 PM in-person at the Crocker (tickets required) email: or call: (916) 808-7843.

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