Deer Ochre

Sometimes ideas come at you and when you act on them amazing things open up.  I was rolling out slabs of clay, then letting them set up while I took some sketched ideas from my notebook to inspect.  But suddenly, I saw something else emerging from the clay… and it pulled at my attention.  Deer Ochre was rising into view.  I worked excitedly yet steadily letting each part wait its turn to be shaped and placed.  Several days later Deer Ochre was in front of me sitting quietly on the work table.  The antlers twisting behind its extended head and the face…yes the slender nose and those curious eyes.  “Red ochre,” spoke. “Place it on the head.”  That’s right, the raw ochre from the earth.  And so, red ochre appeared to set gingerly upon its head while a look of silly contentment slipped onto its face.  Its long legs stretched down its length and more ochre was scattered around the hooves which set upon an edge of flowing grasses and a fluttering blue bird.  “Whispers and roots from Olden Rein” rose curiously swirling about the stone-dried clay.  Ancient words from times gone but are here now. 

Deer Ochre, Whispers and Roots, from Olden Rein

20″x10″x5″ Totem, 2022 $1200

Ceramic: Wire, black oxide and under-glaze, natural ochres

You can view “Deer Ochre, Whispers and Roots, from Olden Rein” at Blue Line Arts Gallery, Roseville CA, in the “Off Center” Ceramic Art work exhibition and on-line.  The show is from July 23 to September 17, 2022.  You are invited to attend the Opening Reception August 20, 4 – 8 pm.

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